FAQ129: Dropbox account credentials don't get cleared on logout


If multiple users log into Athera from the same browser session and connect their Dropbox accounts, the Dropbox credentials will not be cleared when a user logs out of Athera. This means that the first user's Dropbox data will be accessible to the second user.

Dropbox credentials are stored in the browser so when you log into a new user account and connect the Dropbox, it provides the same log in credentials to the new user. This is a known issue that is logged in our bug database as TP 218561



You can avoid this issue by ensuring that different users on a machine use different browser sessions when running Athera.

Alternatively, you can follow the steps below in order to disconnect your Dropbox account:

  1. Navigate to the Dropbox dashboard 
  2. Go to Account->Settings->Connected apps
  3. Delete "Athera" as a connected app
  4. Credentials are reset


More information on connecting and disconnecting your Dropbox account can be found in the online documentation: UserGuide/Storage/ConnectDropbox

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