FAQ116: Rendering in Katana with Athera Compute



This article explains how to submit a background Batch render job using Athera Compute, from a Katana session on Athera.


  1. In order to render files to disk in any Katana session, you need to create a Render node in your scene.

  2. Next, configure the render location. For 3Delight, use the Image Layers.Image Filename parameter on the DlSettings node. For other renderers, this can be done by setting the locationType parameter on the RenderOutputDefine node to 'file' and entering the desired render location under locationSettings.renderLocation.

  3. Make sure to save the Katana project before submitting the render job.

  4. Open the Athera Compute tab found under Tabs > Athera Compute.

  5. As outlined in the Athera documentation for Submitting Compute Jobs, the Compute job Name and Compute ID are set automatically.

  6. Set the number of Parts that the Job is divided between. Each Part starts a separate Compute session.

  7. Click the Render Node dropdown and select the required Render nodes in the project.

    You may have to close and reopen the tab to refresh it if additional Render nodes have been added.

    It is not possible to render from more than one Render node at once. You will need to submit a separate Compute job for each of the Render nodes in the project if you have several. 

  8. Set the frame space and range using the Frames controls.

  9. Click Submit.

  10. The Job is submitted to the compute queue, which is displayed on the Compute page. See Using the Compute Page in the Athera documentation for more information.

  11. To display the Render Log output and diagnose potential issues, click  next to completed Parts.
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