FAQ112: Launching Modo in safe mode on Athera



Running Modo in safe mode is essential for debugging purposes and can help determine if problems you encounter are caused by user customisations, 3rd party plug-ins or kits, or if they happen with the core Modo application.

When launching Modo in safe mode:

  • No user configuration file should load. The configuration file would hold information for actions such as saved preferences, key mappings, custom layouts or Viewport settings.
  • No external plug-ins or kits should be loaded such as Power SubD-Nurbs or Substance. This also excludes their configurations, held in the Configs directory.
  • No external or custom scripts should be loaded.
  • Internally bundled kits such as Mesh Fusion and the Game Export tools should still load and function as usual.

This article shows how to run Modo in safe mode on Athera.



When launching Modo on Athera, you are given the option to set multiple 'Run Parameters' within your session environment to control the arguments Modo loads with. These can be used to launch Modo in safe mode which can help diagnose whether an issue is caused by the application or its environment.

To launch Modo in safe mode from your Apps page, select the settings menu of your Modo entitlement:




This will then display the Modo 12.1v2 Bundled Interactive Config dialog where you can add your launch arguments, like so:



The parameters you need to enter to launch Modo in safe mode on Athera are the following:


This is the parameter that enables safe mode and prevents the Modo application from accessing your configuration file, 3rd party plug-ins or kits, or any custom scripts.


This parameter will ensure that your custom configuration file is not overwritten by the safe mode launch. If you exit a safe mode session that has been launched without this parameter, Modo will overwrite your original configuration file with the configuration file generated from the safe mode session. This can potentially reset your custom configurations for the Modo application, so we advise that you use this parameter as a safety precaution. 

After entering --safemode -dbon:noconfig hit Continue to save it as a run parameter Modo can use for new sessions. Now, when launching Modo from your Apps section as usual, the Run Parameters will remain applied.

NOTE: It is important to note that any future sessions of Modo will launch with these parameters applied, until they are removed from the Modo Run Parameters dialog above.



The Foundry Support Portal contains a wealth of knowledge that can help you with any Modo issues. If you are having problems that seem specific to Athera then please create a ticket with our support team by following the steps: FAQ102: Using the Athera Portal


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