FAQ121: How do I add a collaborator to my Org?



As an Org owner, you can request new collaborators/users to join your Org. This article explains how you can do this. 



When you first sign up to Athera you will be the only Member in your Organisation.

Members dictate who has access to Projects within Orgs. Members are added to Orgs first and then assigned to Projects and Teams afterwards. This is explained in the Online help- Managing Orgs and Projects section.

Creating a Project adds you as a Member automatically, but you can add existing Members or request new collaborators by filling in the Add a Collaborator form.

When you request a new collaborator, you'll need the following:

  1. The registered email address of the new collaborator
  2. The Org ID and email address associated with the Org owner's Athera account (you can find this on the Athera Dashboard by clicking the Context tab and selecting the Org to which your collaborator requires access)

More information on this can be found in the Athera Online Help - Adding and Removing Members  section. 


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