FAQ111: Launching Mari in safer mode on Athera



This article shows how to run Mari in each of its different safe modes for diagnosing issues on Athera.



When launching Mari on Athera, you are given the option to set multiple 'Run Parameters' within your session environment to control the arguments Mari loads with. These can be used to launch Mari in 'safer' mode which can help diagnose whether an issue is caused by the application or its environment.

To launch Mari in 'safer' mode from your Apps page, select the settings menu of your Mari entitlement:



This will then display the Mari Bundled Interactive Config dialog where you can add your launch arguments. 

Enter --safer and hit Continue to save it as a run parameter Mari can use for new sessions.  



Unlike most other applications, Mari allows you to run different safe mode levels. When Mari runs in these modes it will run as if it were a fresh install version without your different custom settings or 3rd party plug-ins, depending on the level of safe it is launched in.

You can choose to run individual safe mode options rather than those grouped under --safe or --safer. To do this, type the given number for the option after the --safe command.

The individual safe mode options are:

--safe=1  Disables startup Python scripts.

--safe=2  Disables user custom plug-ins.

--safe=3  Bypasses user Python libraries and is equivalent to --safe

--safe=4  Bypasses user settings.

--safe=5  Bypasses user environment variables and is equivalent to --safer

Please be aware that these work on an "up to and including" fashion, so selecting --safe=3 also runs --safe=1 and --safe=2 (effectively, operating the same as running the --safe command).

After selecting Continue, launch Mari from your Apps section as usual and the Run Parameters will remain applied. 

NOTE: It is important to note that any future sessions of Mari will launch with these parameters applied, until they are removed from the Mari Bundled Interactive Config dialog above.



The Foundry Support Portal contains a wealth of knowledge that can help you with any Mari issues. If you are having problems that seem specific to Athera then please create a ticket with our support team by following the steps below:
FAQ102: Using the Athera Portal

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