FAQ102: Using the Athera Portal and logging Support Tickets



This article explains more about the Athera portal, including what kind of useful information you can find on the portal and how to raise an Athera Support ticket if you encounter a problem or have a query that isn't answered in an existing article.



There are two main functions of the Athera Support portal:

  • You can read and search through knowledge base articles to find useful information about using Athera and links to other help resources

  • You can raise a support ticket to report bugs/issues or ask the Athera Support team a question


The Knowledge Base

The knowledge base is divided up into different sections for general guidance, information on using the Athera platform itself and categories for each of the available apps on Athera. The articles contain lots of info about using Athera and provide links to other useful resources, such as the Athera docs and general support resources for the individual apps that run on Athera.

You can navigate through the knowledge base by clicking on the category links on the left hand side of this page.


Support Tickets

The other main function of the Athera Portal is to raise support tickets to report problems.  You can keep track of existing support tickets by clicking on the 'My Support' link at the top of the page.

Note: You need to be logged in to the portal in order to access the My Support area.  At present the portal currently authenticates against the Foundry website login but this will be updated soon to use Athera login credentials.

Note: You should also be able to see Foundry tickets that you have submitted via the Foundry portal in the Athera Portal


How to raise a new support ticket

To raise a ticket, go to the home page and select 'Submit a Request': 



Choose the relevant request type from the list of forms displayed under 'Select the reason for contacting Support'



Checking the status of existing support tickets 

To see your existing support tickets, click on 'My Support' from the menu bar and then click on ‘My Requests’. You will have access to all the support tickets you have raised and will be able to check their current status, see the existing conversations and reply on open tickets.

You can also view tickets where you have been cc’ed by a colleague, under 'Requests I'm CC'd on'



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