FAQ104: How to connect your Dropbox/ Google Drive to Athera



This article explains how you can connecting existing Google Drive and Dropbox accounts to Athera.



Athera allows you to attach your own externally controlled storage in several ways.  The recommended method for best performance and user experience is to use cloud buckets, such as Google Cloud Storage (GCS) or Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), but it is also possible to connect your own Dropbox or Google Drive storage to Athera so you can access your existing personal data inside Athera sessions.

Detailed instructions on how to connect Dropbox and Google Drive accounts to Athera can be found in the Athera Online Documentation at the following links:

All Orgs and Projects created under your User will share access to your Google Drive/Dropbox storage.  Please note the following:

  • Once a Google Drive or Dropbox account is activated, only new sessions have access. Existing sessions must be closed and reopened before they can access the data. See Launching an Application in the Athera User Guide for more information.

  • You may only link a single Dropbox and/or a single Google Drive account to Athera at a time.  However, you can disconnect a drive and connect another one if needed by following the instructions in the user guide links above.


NOTE:  We strongly recommend that you don't use Dropbox and Google Drive as your main storage in production, because performance and reliability can not be guaranteed. Instead we recommend using Google Cloud Storage or S3 as these are more reliable and slightly faster.



Please see the Configuring Storage section of the Athera User Guide for more information about connecting external storage.

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