FAQ101: What is the Session ID and where do I find it?



The Session ID is a unique number created each time you run a session on Athera.  This article explains how you can find the Session ID for current and previous Athera app sessions and how the Session ID can be very useful information for support when troubleshooting a problem.



Each time you run an app on Athera a unique Session ID is assigned to that particular instance.  

We can use the Session ID to locate the session in Athera's admin logs to see detailed information about what happened such as any custom scripts loaded when the app launched and any error messages printed to the terminal by the application.

If you encounter any problems running an app on Athera then providing support with the Session ID will help us to troubleshoot any problems more quickly.  You can find the Session ID for both current and previous sessions


How to find the Session ID for an active app session:

If you are currently running the session that you are having a problem with then you can locate the Session ID from the ‘Overview’ panel on the right hand side of the ‘Sessions’ page as seen below:



How to find the Session ID for closed sessions:

If you are reporting an issue with a session that is now closed then the log will show up in  the Reports page under the ‘Sessions’ heading. From here please click on the eye symbol below:



and your session ID will be listed at the top of the log file:




Information on how to create an Athera support ticket can be found in the following article: 
FAQ102: Using the Athera Portal

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