FAQ124: Nuke Syntax Error At "" workaround - Appears to be fixed as of 13.09.2018



When opening a Nuke script on Athera users may get a popup that says

Syntax Error at ""

In interactive mode the popup window can be safely closed and the script will load normally but in Compute mode the message prevents compute parts from beginning.


This problem started happening after a deployment of  a newer version of our Atlas storage system.

We reproduced the problem - it wass caused by the "Save" operation overwriting an existing file.  The "Save As" operation will create a new file which does not exhibit the problem.

This issue seems to be fixed as of September 2018.



In the meantime, the workaround was to use "Save As" in interactive Nuke sessions and use a fresh filename to create a script without the problem, this can then be submitted for render.


This issue should now be fixed but if you are still l having this problem please log a Support ticket by following these steps:
FAQ102: Using the Athera Portal and logging Support Tickets


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