FAQ126: How to set up Google Cloud Storage with Athera




This article will provide you with more information on how to set up google Cloud storage with Athera, please note that to have a Google Cloud Storage you will need a Gmail account and create an account on Google Cloud Platform.

You can sign up for a free trial what will give you a limited free account for 12 months by following the steps below: FAQ:125 How to create a trial account on Google Cloud Platform



There are three main steps to setting up Google cloud storage with Athera. 

  • Create a Project
  • Create a Bucket
  • Connect the bucket to Athera

    Create a Project:
  1. Before you can create a Bucket, you will need to have your own project. To do so, please log into your GCS account and go to Storage/ Browser/ Create/

  2. You will have a default project called ‘My First project’, you can also create a new one with a different name.

    Let’s accept ‘My First Project’ for now and press Continue.




Create a Bucket:

Once inside your project you will have the option to create a bucket, to do this you will need a name, this name will be unique for your Bucket, and will be your Bucket ID. Once you have entered the name and select the options, press Create.


From here you can start uploading objects into the bucket to make it publicly available. 

More information on this can be found on the main GCS panel via the  ‘Learn to use Cloud Storage’ tutorial and in our Online Documentation below:

User Guides > Configuring Storage > Using Google Cloud Storage (GCS)



Connecting the bucket to Athera:

Now that we already have a Bucket, we can connect this Bucket to Athera by following the Steps outlined in the online documentation:

User Guides > Configuring Storage > Using Google Cloud Storage (GCS) > Connecting GCS Buckets

This should then allow you to use your google cloud storage but if you do encounter any further issues please free to log a ticket by following the steps outlined in the article below:

FAQ102: Using the Athera Portal and logging Support Tickets

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