FAQ128: Trial Entitlements



This article will provide you with more information on what entitlements are available when you sign up to a trial of Athera.


You can sign up to an Athera trial via the page below:


Your Athera trial includes entitlements granting 30 days of use for the following apps:

  • Nuke Family
  • Nuke X and Cara VR
  • Mari
  • Katana+3Delight
  • Modo
  • Houdini
  • Blender
  • Gaffer

There is also a 30 day entitlement for a standard Linux-type file browser called Toolbox, which you can launch in a Session just like any other Athera application.

In addition, the trial also includes a package of workstation and rendering hours. You can purchase additional resources at any time, even during the trial.


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